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Manage Pru IDs

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The tools in this section allow you to view IDs that are assigned to you, assign them to your listings, add IDs to your list by generating new ones or adding an existing one, print out selected IDs in a list to take to your printer, and release or reassign your Pru IDs.

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What is a Pru ID?

A Pru ID is a code that you can use to advertise your listing on sign riders or printed materials.

This allows a prospective buyer to go to or and type in the Pru ID code from the advertisement.  When they search, the property details for your listing will appear, along with your contact information from OSASM.  When the buyer wants to request more information, they can simply fill out the contact form on the property details page, and an email will come directly to you.

Page Functionality:

View or Assign Pru IDs: (View)

The View IDs section allows you to:

automatically generate and assign IDs to all of your listings with the push of a button
sort your list of IDs by ID, listing address, or assignment
assign an ID to a listing
un-assign an ID from a listing

Auto Assign button

This action will automatically assign any unassigned Pru IDs you currently have to your listings as well as generate new IDs for remaining listings (if any).

Sort columns on the results table

Column names (headers) on the results table allow you to sort the table by that column.  To sort, click on the column; for a reverse sort, click again.

Pru ID

Displays the Pru ID in the format it must be used through

Assigned to Listing

Displays the address of the listing the Pru ID is assigned to if there is one.  If there are listings without Pru IDs assigned, the column will display a drop down list from which you can choose a listing.  If all listings have Pru IDs assigned, the column will be blank.


Displays links depending on the status of the Pru ID:

If the ID is assigned to a listing, the link will be Unassign

If the ID is not currently assigned, and you have listings available, the link will be Assign

If there are more IDs than listings, you will see the words: Not Assigned


Generate Pru IDs: (View)

Even if you do not have current listings, you may create up to 20 Pru IDs that you can save for later use.  This is to allow you to have the IDs printed on sign riders and be comfortable that they will still be available for your use when you do need them.

Sign riders should be ordered from one of the Prudential Preferred Suppliers sign companies.  You can access the list of Preferred Suppliers by going to PREA Center and clicking the Suppliers option in the menu on the left of the page.

To make printing easier, go to the Print IDs option in Manage Pru IDs, where you can print out a page of Pru IDs to take or fax to your printer.


Add an Existing Pru ID to Your List:

This feature is used to identify a Pru ID that you have purchased (like a printed sign rider from your affiliate) or obtained, and add that ID to your list.

You may also retrieve an ID that you accidentally released as long as it is still available.

How to add a Pru ID

All Pru IDs begin with the letters PRU.  This is already entered for you.  The rest of the Pru ID is 5 more characters, of alternating numbers and letters.

Note: The numbers 1 and 0, and letters I and O are excluded from Pru IDs.

When you have your Pru ID filled in, click the Select button.

If you need to start over, use the Clear Entry link.

After you have successfully added your Pru ID, it will be available in your lists for use.


Print Pru IDs:

This feature allows you to print a list of Pru IDs with your name and contact information that you can take to your printer for sign riders or marketing materials.


Release Pru IDs:

This page allows you to release IDs that you no longer need, are not going to use, or have given to your affiliate.

Release to Affiliate button

This action is used when you either purchased or received sign riders or printed Pru IDs from your affiliate and are returning them to the affiliate for redistribution.  By releasing a Pru ID to your affiliate, you reserve the ID so that it can only be used by members of your affiliate.

Release to System button

This action is used when you do not need a Pru ID any longer.  It would normally be an ID that was used only in flyers or marketing brochures, and not printed on a sign rider.  By releasing a Pru ID to the system, you are allowing it to be generated or used by any OSASM subscriber.

Pru ID

This column displays the Pru IDs that are available to be released.  An ID cannot be released if it is assigned to a listing.

Assigned to Listing

This column is used to show that the Pru IDs shown are not assigned to a listing.


Use the Select check boxes to choose the IDs you want to release.


Reassign IDs:

Use this feature when you sell or transfer an existing, Pru ID (usually printed) to another sales professional.  When you reassign an ID, the ID will be removed from your list, and will be added to the other sales professional's ID list.

Pru IDs may only be transferred to and used by OSA subscribers.